The VIG people management strategy is based on the Company’s business strategy, values and management principles and includes the following strategic objectives:

  • Establishing service quality and customer-orientation as the most important core competences of employees
  • Strengthening VIG's position as an attractive local employer with an international background for ambitious individuals
  • Developing Group-wide management and expert competences
  • Further improving diversity by, for example, removing barriers to women's careers

All of the initiatives planned for the VIG people management strategy were carried out successfully in the first year of implementation of the strategy. Among other things, new expert competences were introduced on a pilot basis in three countries and five companies, managers were offered a new in-depth leadership programme, and existing management development initiatives were continued. In addition, a development programme was designed for experts and the people management internet and intranet websites were revised. Recruiting and on-boarding standards were prepared and approved Group-wide, and the existing staff diagnostic programme was modified based on the new competence model.