SUPERIOR 3 ethical fund

Wiener Städtische has offered its SUPERIOR 3 ethical fund for several years as part of its “United Funds of Success” line of unit-linked life insurance to provide customers a sustainable and ethical option for investing their savings premiums. The premiums are invested in the “Superior 3” fund managed by the bank Schellhammer & Schattera. An ethical advisory committee of competent individuals from the church, business and academia nominated for the fund defines specific requirements and conditions for these investments. In addition, information on social and environmental developments related to companies, sectors and countries is used continuously for investment decisions. Independent auditors monitor compliance with the selection procedure, thereby ensuring the transparency and credibility of the investment process.

Wiener Städtische energy bonus – preferential treatment of energy-saving homes

Climate protection is very important to Wiener Städtische and it is therefore promoting the use of sustainable, energy-saving home building methods by providing a premium credit of EUR 35 towards homeowners insurance. This energy bonus applies to all homes with an energy consumption of up to 70 kWh/m2 and requires that energy certification or documentation of energy-saving measures be submitted.


At the initiative of Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, Wiener Städtische offers an insurance package to Zweite Sparkasse customers that is custom-tailored to their needs. Wiener Städtische has been a cooperation partner of Zweite Sparkasse, the “Bank for People without a Bank”, since 2007, making it the first insurance company in Austria to deal with the area of micro-insurance. Zweite Sparkasse helps people experiencing hardship who have no access to bank services because of their difficult financial situation.

There are around 40,000 people living in Austria who do not have a bank account for reasons beyond their control. They encountered social or financial hardship for a variety of reasons - mainly unemployment, divorce or illness - and subsequently also lost their bank account. This is where Zweite Sparkasse provides unbureaucratic assistance. It operates without a profit motive and aims to help people help themselves. Insurance products were developed for these people under this cooperation. For each account, VIG offers basic insurance coverage in the form of legal advice, which can be used free of charge once per quarter, and legal counselling to clarify issues in the individual's personal or working life. Free casualty insurance is also included, providing financial security for accidents and insurance coverage for leisure-time and work accidents around the clock. Household insurance may also be purchased for a monthly premium of EUR 3.

ˇCPP assists socially and medically disadvantaged individuals

ČPP continued its cooperation with AAA AUTO a.s. in 2013 under the project “AAA AUTO Mobility”. The company is the only used car dealer in the Czech Republic that offers cars to individuals with special needs at a favourable price, including conversion to make them suitable for use by disabled persons. ČPP is supporting this project by providing a discount on its motor liability and own-damage insurance for individuals with special needs.

* Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, the principal shareholder of VIG, provided all or a major part of the support for these activities.