Female Supervisory Board members

Women hold approximately 8.5% of the positions in Vienna Insurance Group supervisory boards across Europe, and approximately 15% in the Austrian insurance companies (as at 31 December 2013).

Female Managing Board members

Women hold approximately 20% of the positions on the managing boards of Vienna Insurance Group insurance companies.

For comparison, women held 8.6% of the managing board positions in the 60 largest German insurance companies in 2013.

A good third of the managers newly appointed to the managing board of a VIG insurance company in 2013 were women.

This appointment policy is not based on an internal quota for women, but is instead the result of selecting applicants strictly on the basis of qualifications. The percentage of women in top positions at Vienna Insurance Group can be expected to continue increasing over the medium term.

Women in management positions

Including distribution, women hold a good 40% of the management positions at the level directly below the managing board in VIG insurance companies across Europe (not including distribution: 45%).

Removing barriers to women's careers is one of the key elements of the personnel strategy at Vienna Insurance Group. In addition to implementing this principle in management development, for example, efforts are being made to give visibility to ambitious women at all levels by, for example, sending more women to external conferences, platforms, etc. as representatives of the Company.