Komunálna advertising campaign 2013 (photo)

Komunálna advertising campaign 2013

VIG expanded into what was then Czechoslovakia in 1990. It is now represented by three insurance companies in Slovakia. In addition to Kooperativa, the second-largest insurance company in the country, VIG’s portfolio of Group companies in this country also includes Komunálna and PSLSP. VIG has a total market share of 34.5%, making it the largest insurance group in the country. It also holds first place in life insurance.

Komunálna was looking for the most innovative and safest municipalities in Slovakia

As a long-time insurance partner of the municipalities in this country, VIG company Komunálna celebrated its twentieth anniversary by inviting them to take part in a special competition. Under the motto “Show us what has changed in your village over the past 20 years”, participating municipalities could submit two photographs – one from the past and one from now. Around 200 municipalities participated, and awards were given to those that had implemented particularly impressive sustainable urban planning measures. The municipality of Zupkov was ranked top, followed by Nové Sady and Uhrovec.

The Komunála advertising campaign on the topic of safety in Slovakian municipalities, which hold a total of around 10,000 insurance policies, also received a good response. As absolutely no accidents have been recorded in the municipality of Rybnik since 2008, it was chosen as the safest place in Slovakia. The decision also marked the beginning of Komunála’s new communication campaign, which was started in 2013 in order to increase brand awareness and reach.

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VIG Group companies in Slovakia:


Market data: 1st–4th quarter 2013

Short name:




VIG member since:




Insurance lines of business:

Life and Non-life

Life and Non-life


Number of employees:




Market position*:

2nd place

4th place

9th place

Market share*:




Overview of awards received

  • Kooperativa received 3rd place in the motor vehicle insurance category of the “Zlatá minca” (Gold Coin, a competition for financial products) for its “EUROKASKO EXTRA” product, and Komunálna received 3rd place in the third party liability category
  • The Chamber of Industry and Commerce recognised Komunálna for its contribution to the economic development of Slovakia
  • Komunálna received gold for the best advertising campaign and silver for PR creativity in the “Zlatý klinec” (Golden Nail) advertising competition and Kooperativa received 2nd place in the “best TV commercials” category
  • PSLSP received 3rd place in the annual top ranking of insurance companies by the Slovakian business magazine “Trend”