We have been one of the leading exchange-listed insurance groups in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe for years. Approximately 23,000 employees in around 50 Group companies in 24 countries generated around EUR 9.2 billion in premiums in 2013. As the leading insurance company in our core markets, we provide our customers with an outstanding portfolio of products and services in all classes of life and non-life insurance.

At home in both Austria and Central and Eastern Europe

During a long history steeped in tradition – the Company's roots reach back to the year 1824 in Austria – VIG has successfully overcome all of the challenges of history, and has often taken on a pioneering role. This was the case in 1990, when Wiener Städtische became one of the first Western European insurance companies to recognise the exciting growth opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe and take a chance on entering the market in the former Czechoslovakia. That was the starting point for further expansion. Hungary followed in 1996, Poland in 1998, Croatia in 1999 and Romania in 2001 – to mention just a few examples. VIG now operates in 24 markets and is proud of its broad geographical orientation and the optimal regional diversification it brings. VIG's planned use of the Donaris acquisition to enter the Moldovan market will open up the last remaining country in the CEE region and give VIG a presence in all 25 countries in the region.

Number one in its core markets

In addition to Austria, VIG's core markets are the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and the Ukraine. VIG's market share of approximately 18% makes it the number one insurance company in these markets, and VIG is working continuously to further consolidate this position.

The leading insurance specialist in the CEE region.

More than half of all premiums written in 2013 came from markets in the CEE region, which provides impressive proof of VIG's successful expansion strategy. Indeed, given the economic convergence process taking place in Central and Eastern Europe and the increased need for insurance coverage it brings, this region will continue to grow in importance.

VIG RE, the reinsurance company that was established by VIG in 2008, has its registered office in the Czech Republic, thereby stressing the importance of the CEE region as a growth market for VIG.

24 markets, one objective: to continue the mutual success

In spite of the wide range of customer requirements and conditions in its individual markets, VIG has one common objective everywhere: to continue its business success by providing customers with the best possible insurance protection. This places a great responsibility on VIG, and the VIG Group companies are fully dedicated to meeting this responsibility, using professional, forward-looking advisory services and a flexible product portfolio. The use of a broad network of service centres and a variety of distribution channels ensures the customer proximity that this requires. At the same time the Group relies on established regional brands that are brought under the Vienna Insurance Group umbrella without losing their own identity or individual strengths. This is because it is the individual strengths and advantages of these companies that make VIG a strong family.

Stability based on binding values and a focus on core competences

Vienna Insurance Group is a progressive and highly risk-conscious insurer. Its activities are fully focused on its core business – the insurance business. However, Vienna Insurance Group offers various forms of security to more than its customers. Security in the form of reliability, trustworthiness and solidarity also receives top priority in dealings with business partners, employees and shareholders. Ethical values such as honesty, integrity, diversity, equal opportunity and customer-orientation form the basis for all business decisions.

This fundamental approach is confirmed not only by a strategy of continuous sustainable growth, but also excellent creditworthiness. In June 2013, the rating agency Standard & Poor's confirmed its rating of A+ with a stable outlook, making VIG the best rated company in the ATX leading index of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

VIG and Erste Group – two strong partners

In 2008, two leading financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe – VIG and the Erste Group – decided to further increase their success by working together. They therefore entered into a long-term strategic partnership that benefits both of them: Erste Group branches distribute VIG insurance products, and in return VIG companies offer Erste Group bank products.

Strong stock exchange presence, long-term principal shareholder

VIG Holding's shares have been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1994. Its market capitalisation of more than EUR 4.6 billion at the end of 2013 makes it one of the largest listings on the exchange. It has also had a secondary listing on the Prague Stock Exchange since February 2008, which once again emphasises the great importance the Central and Eastern European region has for the Group.

Around 70% of VIG Holding's shares are held by Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, a stable principal shareholder with a long-term orientation. The remaining shares are in free float.

Strong team, attractive employer

"Our success is based on people" – in addition to forming the basis for VIG's business success, this concept also guides its people management and thereby determines its position as an attractive employer. VIG develops and supports the know-how of its approximately 23,000 employees and their readiness to provide top performance. Identifying and developing the individual skills that each person brings to VIG's large team is particularly important, and a wide variety of training and advanced training opportunities, international exchange programmes and international cooperations exist within the Group to ensure that this happens.

Our mission statement

  • WE are at home in CEE.
  • WE are the leading insurer in CEE, due to customer proximity and customer orientation.
  • WE are family.
  • WE care about people especially.
  • WE are aware of our social responsibility.
  • WE create value sustainably.
  • WE want to be the leader.