In addition to its multi-brand strategy and the benefits of using a variety of different distribution channels, VIG's decentralised structure and rapid decision-making channels represent another special feature of the Company. The Company intentionally relies on the expertise of its local management and employees, who know the needs of the local population the best.

Instead of viewing the CEE region as homogeneous, VIG takes into account the structural differences and stages of development of the different insurance markets. As a result, business models are not simply transferred from one country to another without change. Products and distribution must instead be appropriate for the situation in each individual market. At the same time, the higher-level values and principles defined at Group level need to be considered. Group-wide guidelines must in particular be observed in areas such as risk management, the actuarial department, reinsurance and investments. The VIG operating companies are assisted by the central holding company departments in these areas, which also ensure the continuous development and communication of Group guidelines. Regular international meetings of management and employees allow best-practice solutions to be exchanged and also promote the development of a shared corporate culture.