Can we expect prosperity to continue rising in Central and Eastern Europe?

H. E. Jan Sechter, Czech Republic Ambassador to the Republic of Austria (photo)

“I would like to add that Czech foreign policy will use the many years of experience of companies like VIG and work together with other Central European countries to better represent the interests of their citizens in the EU. This gives me confidence in the future.”

H. E. Jan Sechter

Czech Republic Ambassador to the Republic of Austria

Central and Eastern Europe has achieved great successes in the past two decades, particularly the Czech Republic. Economic and political transformation, integration into international business relationships, attractiveness for investors and, more recently, the ability to resist financial turbulence form a good foundation for future projects. The results that Vienna Insurance Group has achieved in these countries and its unique, innovative form of networking have provided support to our economy for many years.

H.E. Silvia Davidoiu, Romanian Ambassador to the Republic of Austria (photo)

“Our confidence in the future is built on sustainable development. The latest results for the Romanian economy give us good hopes that we can continue to create prosperity for our country.”

H.E. Silvia Davidoiu

Romanian Ambassador to the Republic of Austria

Being a member of the European Union allowed Romania to accelerate its economic development and increase the prosperity of its citizens. The efficient, sustainable use of financial resources and a healthy economic upswing will continue to be a top priority in the future. I wish the VIG companies in Romania great success and hope that they can make a significant contribution to increased prosperity for the citizens of Romania.

H.E. Artur Lorkowski, Polish Ambassador to the Republic of Austria (graphic)

“I have confidence in the future because Poland is an economic engine for the continent and is a reliable, prosperous partner helping to further increase the prosperity of the region.”

H.E. Artur Lorkowski

Polish Ambassador to the Republic of Austria

Poland has developed into a modern, cosmopolitan country. Referred to as the “economic miracle on the Vistula”, Poland was the only EU member state to survive the global economic crisis without a recession and record optimistic economic forecasts. A large-scale investment programme and EU funding to 2020 are strengthening Poland as an attractive location for business.

H.E. Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Hungarian Ambassador to the Republic of Austria (photo)

“With respect to the motto ‘What unites us? Confidence in the future!’, prosperity for all of society is a common goal we should strive for.”

H.E. Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky

Hungarian Ambassador to the Republic of Austria

As the Hungarian Ambassador, I would like to express my hope that the political conditions for an economic upswing can be achieved and that they will lead to widespread prosperity. Insurance companies have an extremely important role to play, as they give people a needed security, the confidence that difficult times will be overcome, and the hope for sustainable prosperity.

H.E. Juraj Machác, Slovakian Ambassador to the Republic of Austria (graphic)

“I believe in the future because our long-term historical relationship with neighbouring states creates a strong foundation for the development of our country.”

H.E. Juraj Macháč

Slovakian Ambassador to the Republic of Austria

Over the past two decades, Slovakia has become an emerging market and a strong partner in the European Union. The openness of the Slovakian economy, its readiness to rapidly establish efficient, technologically advanced supplier industries and its good strategic location in the heart of Europe form a basis for confidence in the future. As the Ambassador of my country, I am proud of the rapid development and functional integration it has achieved.