Streamlined market presence in Poland

The merger of the two Group companies InterRisk and PZM, which was completed in 2012, strengthened Vienna Insurance Group's market presence in the core market of Poland. The two non-life insurance companies now operate under the InterRisk brand. The merger allowed the two companies to combine their sales power and take advantage of back office synergies.

Merger of Romanian non-life insurance companies

Vienna Insurance Group restructured its investments in the Romanian non-life insurance market in 2012 by merging the two Romanian non-life insurance companies Omniasig Non-life and BCR Non-life. The merged company has offered its services in this line of business under the Omniasig brand since then.

Strengthening the Bulgarian market presence

Successful completion of the merger of the two non-life insurance companies Bulstrad and Bulgarski Imoti created a powerful company that strengthened the presence of Vienna Insurance Group in Bulgaria. As a result of the merger, Vienna Insurance Group now operates under the Bulstrad brand as the leading non-life insurer in the Bulgarian market.

Merger of Croatian Group companies

Vienna Insurance Group is preparing for a merger of the Group companies Kvarner and Helios in Croatia. In the future, the merged companies will use the brand "Wiener osiguranje" to market their products nationwide.