Acquisition of the Polish life insurance company Polisa

Conclusion of the acquisition of the Polish life insurance company Polisa allowed VIG to further expand its sales capacity and market presence in Poland. VIG acquired an interest of approximately 92% in the life insurance company as a result of the transaction. The company was established in 1995, has its registered office in Warsaw and has more than 120 employees. Polisa rounds off the Vienna Insurance Group portfolio with its focus on group insurance. The company's diversified distribution channels also include a nationwide broker network, 16 regional offices and 30 representative offices. Partly as a result of this purchase, Vienna Insurance Group raised its share in the overall Polish market to almost 11.3%.

Increased investment in Macedonia

The acquisition of a majority interest in QBE Makedonija, which is subject to official approval, will place Vienna Insurance Group at the top of the Macedonian insurance market. QBE Makedonija has a broad product portfolio, with a focus on motor vehicle and casualty insurance, and a strong nationwide sales network. QBE Makedonija currently employs over 200 people at its 19 branches. The acquisition allows the Group to take advantage of the opportunity to further expand its operations in Macedonia.