We are the market leader in our core markets today, and very proud of it. A key element of our formula for success is to maintain local entrepreneurship, decision-making freedom and cultural diversity – with ambitious, qualified employees WHO ensure the best customer service and create an important difference between us and our competitors.

VIG does not consider its employees to be "human resources", because they bring their professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness and sense of fairness and solidarity with them – the true cornerstones of the insurance business. VIG has therefore chosen the name "People Management" for its services to employees.

Currently, 58% of the employees in the Group are women. This clearly proves that VIG has been relying on women for a long time – with great success. On average, women comprise about 20% of our top management, a considerably higher figure than in comparable companies. We are proud to make use of the valuable expertise provided by our female employees.