We are convinced that success can be shared, and that doing so increases success. As a leading insurance group in Austria and the CEE region, we share our success with those around us, addressing social and cultural concerns in particular in the countries where we operate.

Vienna Insurance Group does not disregard social and environmental concerns in its efforts to achieve financial success. This is the only way we can be true to our fundamental goal of value-oriented growth, as success cannot be sustainable or worthwhile unless high ethical standards are also being maintained.

Sustainable conduct has a number of different aspects in VIG. On the one hand, the values of openness and mutual appreciation in our corporate culture are naturally applied when dealing with customers and partners and communicating with shareholders, and in our dealings with one another within the Group. On the other hand, the Group companies are also strongly involved in social and cultural issues outside of their core business. This section is intended to provide a brief look at the wide range of activities of the Group.

From left to right:
Milan Medek, head of marketing, Kooperativa, Czech Republic
Alexandra Mühlbachler, Group sponsoring, Vienna Insurance Group, Austria
Ana Shishovska, Supervisory Board assistant, Winner Life and Non-life, Macedonia

The Social Active Day is an example of our multi-faceted social involvement. In 2012, VIG employees dedicated a total of 4,195 working days to the socially disadvantaged. By allowing time off for these activities, we provided around 19 man-years free of charge to social causes.