Vienna Insurance Group believes that modern human resources should be sustainable, non-discriminatory and closely linked with business strategy. This point of view is shared by all of the companies in the Group. The VIG Human Resources (HR) guidelines apply across the Group and document in writing the human resources principles that have long been practiced within the Group. The guidelines deal with recruiting, human resources development, remuneration and succession planning and were communicated throughout the Group in 2011. All Group companies have been requested to implement the guidelines by no later than 1 July 2012.

Based on the “Think globally – act locally” principle of management, each company acts independently within its own area of responsibility in accordance with the Vienna Insurance Group HR strategy. Group HR performs human resources management for committees and bodies responsible for recruiting, contracts, training and succession planning for managing board members within the Group. Group HR also organises and develops concepts for Group-wide projects concerned with the development of key personnel and management and the management of talented employees, and manages related human resources areas for the entire Group, such as the VIG competence model and the “PDD” performance management tool (Performance Development Dialogue).