What is important – for the individual, for our society? As an insurance provider, we see people’s joys and concerns, their hopes and their fears every day. We experience what takes place around us and in our midst. We believe that economic performance is not sustainable or worthwhile if high ethical standards are not also maintained, and therefore make efforts to become involved with social and cultural concerns in the countries where we operate.

Vienna Insurance Group has a corporate culture of value creation and openness, and respect for fellow employees and stakeholders is very important within the Group. Vienna Insurance Group has been included in the VÖNIX Austrian sustainability index since 2005 and the global FTSE4Good Index since 2007. Both require that the profit-making aspects of business activities be successfully combined with social and environmental objectives.

The insurance business is based on trust. Vienna Insurance Group earns this trust not only in its day-to-day dealings with customers and business partners, but also by assuming social responsibility for issues large and small, ranging from local event sponsoring and funding for educational or art projects, all the way to active promotion of volunteer activities. Sustainable action takes a wide variety of forms in Vienna Insurance Group and its Group companies.