Internal Job Market

The Vienna Insurance Group places great importance on promoting the development of qualified, dedicated employees and filling important positions from within the Company. In 2010, close to 25% of available positions were filled by internal applicants. The internal job market has established itself as an important tool for building employee loyalty to the Company, ensuring that expertise remains in the Group for the long term while keeping recruiting expenses low. The ability to advertise internally throughout the Group provides local HR managers with access to a large group of candidates and opens up attractive international career opportunities for employees.

Career portal on – an entryway for prospective employees

As a result of the redesign of the website in 2010, the “Jobs & Career” section now has a modern recruiting and selection system. The online recruiting tool simplifies information exchange with internal and external applicants and helps the Vienna Insurance Group in its search for talented, motivated employees. A total of approximately 900 applications have been received through this channel since March 2010.

In addition to publishing all current job openings, the “Jobs & Career” section of the website provides information on the Group’s human resources strategy and recruiting initiatives, as well as a map that can be used to find recruitment contacts in individual group companies. In order to provide potential employees with a realistic view of the working environment being offered, employees are shown at their workplaces along with a short statement about their personal VIG career paths.

Welcome Day

New employees of the Vienna Insurance Group should quickly become familiar and comfortable with their working environment. For this purpose, an all-day welcoming event is held for new employees of VIG Holding under the motto “Challenges that unite us – We are family”. New employees there are given important information on the Group, the insurance business and the values of VIG, and have the opportunity to exchange information with other employees and make new contacts within the Company.