As a successful international insurance group, we feel we have a responsibility to create the conditions for a future worth living. Satisfying economic demands, while not neglecting social and environmental concerns, is an important organisational challenge for us, and is the only way we can be true to our fundamental value of value-oriented growth.

VIG addresses socially relevant topics such as provisions for pensions or nursing care both in its business dealings and beyond. It is committed to helping people in their efforts to achieve security. The Group companies use exchanges with political and business decision-makers to initiate improvements in the provisions made for old age in their countries, while continuously expanding their product ranges to meet the current needs of the population. Efforts are also made to develop resource-saving service and process innovations.

It is in the interest of the Vienna Insurance Group to address the concerns of all stakeholders and satisfy their need for information. Establishing an open and collaborative dialogue with stakeholders has proven to be an effective way to secure confidence in the Company, especially in economically difficult times.

The Vienna Insurance Group has a corporate culture of value creation, openness, and respect for others around us that is anchored in the values of the Group. The Vienna Insurance Group makes use of the potential in its diversity to work internationally, across borders and cultures, to make an important contribution to mutual understanding.