Our mission statement sets down guiding principles that define the self-image of the Vienna Insurance Group today and in the future.

WE are at home in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

The CEE region offers great potential for the development of our business. Our leading distribution network in Central and Eastern Europe allows us to offer security, services and solutions that closely reflect the needs of our customers. Millions of customers, thousands of employees, and thousands of brokers, agents and shareholders all place their confidence in the Vienna Insurance Group. The Vienna Insurance Group’s sound financial strength ensures its future independence and allows it to continue its sustainable growth in the CEE region.

WE are a leading insurer in CEE.

The protection of people’s personal and material assets is our passion, and has made us into a supplier of leading, innovative insurance products in the life, property/casualty and health insurance segments in Central and Eastern Europe – today and in the future.

WE are family.

Each company in the Vienna Insurance Group is a member of our family, and bears a first name and a family name. The well-established local brands of these companies are their first names. They stand for close customer relationships, familiarity, local understanding and for the entirely unique identity of each individual company. Vienna Insurance Group is our family name, a symbol for more than 185 years of history and growth, for our experience, expertise, financial resources and our strength. This unique family strategy ensures the best possible understanding of our customers and their needs and allows us to offer outstanding service quality in all markets.

WE care about people especially.

Our business is built on people. We follow the principles of fairness, partnership, mutual respect, transparency and long-term relationships. We aim to create the best possible business and working environment in order to guarantee our mutual success.

WE are aware of our social responsibility.

Creating and safeguarding prosperity and a standard of living is the core of our insurance business. The Vienna Insurance Group has a long tradition of active social commitment. For this reason, we initiate and support social programmes and projects that are dedicated to those who are less fortunate in life, and to those who represent the future – our children.

WE create value sustainably.

We use our leading position in Central and Eastern Europe to create sustainable value for the future based on four strong foundations:


We are at home in Central and Eastern Europe, and therefore work with experienced local management in our local markets in order to best identify and satisfy the needs of our customers. We assist customers in all of our markets by offering this service at the Vienna Insurance Group’s exceptional level of quality throughout the region.


People are the foundation and driving force behind our success. Our focus is on people and their efforts to achieve security in a broad range of areas and life situations. By creating sustainable value for the Vienna Insurance Group, we create value and security for our customers, employees, brokers, agents and shareholders.

Financial Strength

We focus clearly on sustainable, profit-oriented growth aimed at further increasing our financial strength.

Best Solutions

We seek to have closer customer relationships than anyone else. For this reason, we are placing greater emphasis on best-practice programmes in a variety of business areas. These best-practice programmes ensure cost-efficient, innovative, customer-oriented services at the highest level of quality.

WE want to be the leader.

The Vienna Insurance Group seeks to be the leader in products and services throughout all the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

This common goal motivates each and every employee to give his or her dedicated, entrepreneurial commitment to our mutual success in all markets – for the benefit of our customers, partners, shareholders and the Company, and for a secure, prosperous future in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our mission statement

  • WE are at home in CEE.
  • WE are a leading insurer in CEE.
  • WE are family.
  • WE care about people especially.
  • WE are aware of our social responsibility.
  • WE create value sustainably.
  • WE want to be the leader.