Our employees possess a wide range of talent, skills and needs. As an employer of approximately 25,000 persons, our goal is to promote their professional and personal development, and support them in challenging and developing their abilities.

VIG feels that promoting the development and motivation of its employees is an important way to successfully address the continuous change taking place in the business world. The Company also demands the highest standards of conduct and professionalism.

The human resources (HR) activities are closely linked to the Vienna Insurance Group business strategy. As a result, the focus of the Group’s human resource efforts also changed in 2010. In addition to the central objective of company growth, another focus decided on was the management of change processes, support for employees in dealing with the associated effects, and the steering of efficiency improvement measures. Human Resources takes care to ensure that VIG’s employees provide the best support possible for the changes stemming from difficult market conditions.

Strategic objectives for 2010

  • Ensure employee satisfaction in spite of change processes
  • Ensure loyalty of talented employees and use top employees in the right places
  • Strengthen the culture of achievement within the Company
  • Promote entrepreneurial thinking and the exchange of best practices