VIG Social Active (logo)

VIG and its principal shareholder Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige use partnerships and targeted initiatives to assist the activities of aid organisations, particularly in the Central and Eastern European countries where VIG Group companies operate. Its involvement is aimed at creating lasting benefits. It therefore directs its assistance to institutions and projects based on their reliability as partner organisations and an effective, long-term use of the funds. The focus is on social projects that provide assistance to children in need and lead to a lasting improvement in the living conditions of the people involved.

Three examples of concrete measures that address social responsibility:

Caritas Eastern Europe Campaign

Each February, Caritas collects donations for street children and socially disadvantaged children in the poorest countries of Eastern and Southern Europe. The campaign operates under the motto “Working wonders together”, and supports more than 100 projects in Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and other countries. The donations are used to provide food and clothing for children and pay for the cost of schooling. The goal is to provide children with the opportunity to obtain an education and learn a profession, regardless of their circumstances.

Die Zweite Sparkasse

Wiener Städtische, the largest company in the Vienna Insurance Group, has been a cooperation partner to the “Bank for People without a Bank” since 2007, making it the first insurance company in Austria to become involved in the area of micro-insurance. The “Second Savings Bank” (Die Zweite Sparkasse) supports people in need who no longer have access to banking services as a result of difficult economic circumstances.

In addition to the banking products offered, all account holders receive an insurance package from Wiener Städtische. The basic insurance package provides one free legal consultation each quarter and free casualty insurance. The casualty insurance automatically covers children living in the same household as the account holder. Premium payments are made by the principal shareholder Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige. The option of purchasing household insurance for a monthly premium of only EUR 3 is also available.

The “Second Savings Bank” has branches in Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Salzburg, Vienna, Villach and, since 2010, Linz. Regional Sparkasse branches offer “Second Savings Bank” services in Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Burgenland.

Hospice Association of Styria

The Hospice Association of Styria (Hospizverein Steiermark) assists seriously and terminally ill patients and their families and works to promote social awareness. Around 700 active volunteers help patients and their families at home, in retirement homes, and nursing homes, hospitals, outpatient hospices and palliative care facilities.