The Ringturm, designed by renowned architect Erich Boltenstern and the headquarters of the Vienna Insurance Group, is a place where people can meet and exchange ideas. Architectural exhibitions have been presented regularly since 1998 in the “Architecture in the Ringturm” series. Principal shareholder Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige uses this exhibition series to provide architects in all of the countries where VIG operates with a venue that is accessible to the public free of charge.

Form & Energy. Architecture in and from Austria

One of the exhibitions that took place in 2010 was “Form & Energy. Architecture in and from Austria”, which focused on environmentally friendly construction projects, thereby underscoring VIG’s concerns for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Careful use of natural resources is a key focus of environmental goals and changes in building methods worldwide, and has led to a number of model technical and structural projects and initiatives in Austria. The exhibition ran from 27 May 2010 to 2 July 2010, and showed a selection of many projects from the last decade: environmentally friendly power plants and transportation infrastructure projects, renewable resources and modern climate-control equipment in residential construction and housing developments, sustainable concepts for urban development and public buildings for education, culture and sports, and innovative architecture for commerce and industry. Around 60 examples were presented of architecture that meets the highest environmental standards for construction and operation.

The Ringturm architectural centre also presented the following exhibitions in 2010:

19 March 2010 to 30 April 2010
Ivan I. Leonidov – Russian constructivist architect

The “100 Years of Leonidov” exhibition presented a large number of model reconstructions, plans, photographs and carefully produced computer reconstructions and video montages casting a new light on the life work of Ivan Leonidov, the most advanced of the Russian constructivists.

13 July 2010 to 17 September 2010
Tirana_ Plan Build Live – Everyday life in Albania’s capital city

This exhibition cast light on another portion of the “terra incognita” of Southern Europe. Planning, building and living in Tirana – capital city of the little-known country of Albania – was the topic addressed by this exhibition and publication.

1 October 2010 to 12 November 2010
A whole life – New architecture for nursing homes

The increasing number of elderly persons in need of care have special needs in terms of their living situation. This exhibition focuses on the forward-looking architecture of modern nursing homes in Vienna that meet these needs.

9 December 2010 to 18 March 2011
Bohuslav Fuchs - Czech avant-garde architect

Bohuslav Fuchs realised many buildings and worked in urban development and regional planning. He is considered to be the main proponent of “Brno Functionalism”. The exhibition presented a selection of approximately 40 of his most significant buildings in many previously unseen photographs and newly prepared texts.