VIG has grown from a local insurance company into one of the largest international insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe. The roots of the Group go back to 1824. As a result of its comprehensive range of products, close customer relationships and outstanding service, the Company rose to become the leading insurance company in Austria. Based on this success, the Group set itself a strategic milestone in 1990 to define its future path, namely, the beginning of a targeted geographical expansion into the CEE region. VIG was one of the first insurance groups to recognise and take advantage of the growth opportunities offered by a unified Europe.

20 years later, the Group is one of the most important players in Central and Eastern Europe, with approximately 50 group companies in 24 countries. Early entry into Central and Eastern Europe guaranteed VIG first mover advantages. The bold, while at the same time well-considered, steps in its expansion smoothed the path over the years for the Group to become number 1 in its core markets. Management and employees continue to create value today from the two decades of experience that has now been gathered. This know-how ensures that the Group companies in each country will continue to be optimally positioned in the future.