Underlying all business activities of the Group are VIG’s four management principles and its focus on CEE as a centre of activities. VIG puts its trust in them as it pursues its growth strategy.

Focus on CEE

Two decades ago, with vision, prudence and determination, VIG set out on a path leading to Central and Eastern Europe. Today, the same mixture of foresight, determination and respect for tradition allows the Group to take advantage of the strong demand for insurance solutions and the multiple growth opportunities afforded by the region.

Think globally – act locally

The concerns of Vienna Insurance Group customers are in good hands at every company of the Group and in every market. In all VIG companies, high demands are made of the insurance solutions provided and the level of service offered. By employing local management, however, the Vienna Insurance Group also takes appropriate account of the specifics of each country. Managers and employees who are from the area understand the peculiarities of the market as well as the concerns and wishes of the people in it. A combination of local knowledge and VIG’s many years of experience in an international environment likewise ensures that the insurance companies’ products and services are of high quality and tailored to customer needs.

Especially in the corporate customer segment, customised and professional insurance solutions for customers with international operations are imperative. For that reason, the Vienna Insurance Group set up Vienna International Underwriters (VIU), an insurance platform specifically for corporate customers. Its comprehensive network in this area offers professional and individual service across countries by experts in Austria and the entire CEE region.

Collaboration within the Group is characterised by direct communication and the interchange of knowledge. Managers and employees of the individual companies regularly discuss examples of best practice. From the exchange of ideas within the Group, insurance solutions and processes are thereby encouraged that are in line with the times, customer-oriented and adapted to local market conditions.

Multi-brand policy

The Vienna Insurance Group’s multi-brand policy makes it significantly different from other market participants in the region. Each Group company uses its local brand as its first name, followed by Vienna Insurance Group as its family name. Hence, established, successfully introduced brands which already have a high degree of customer recognition are retained. Keeping them strengthens the loyalty and commitment of local employees and managers. Plus, it is easier to continue using established distribution relationships with an already existing brand.

Each company seeks to make effective use of its individual brand, actively gaining new customers and retaining their loyalty. If a brand proves to be no longer necessary in the competitive environment, companies can also be merged. Furthermore, when several companies are present in a single country, VIG looks to exploit efficiencies resulting from the combination of administrative areas.

Multi-channel distribution

VIG's multi-brand policy goes hand in hand with multi-channel distribution, where the interactions put the policy’s true strength on display. The variety of distribution channels ensures the Vienna Insurance Group optimum access to customers in every market while addressing a wide range of target groups. Underlying the sales structure is a highly effective sales force, consisting of salaried sales representatives and exclusive agents. In addition, depending on the specifics of the market, VIG maintains partnerships with independent agents, multi-level organisations and banks. Banks in particular are playing an increasingly important role in life insurance. The Vienna Insurance Group is also profiting from this development and, with the Erste Group, has a strong bank sales partner at its side.

The importance of the individual sales channels varies from company to company. How important a sales channel is in a market depends upon the country’s legal framework as well as the level of development of its insurance sector. All in all, every market requires a well-placed and committed sales force to fully exploit the existing business potential.


The Vienna Insurance Group is active in a field that addresses a basic human need: security. Security is not just an issue for the customer; the Group seeks to limit its own risks through targeted assessments and broad diversification. VIG thus pursues diversification on several levels – across countries, distribution channels and products. Particularly in investments and reinsurance, special attention is paid to quality and a corresponding distribution of risk.

Main Principles for achieving VIG’s goals