One of the key differences between Vienna Insurance Group and its competitors, and an important factor in the success of the Group, is its multi-brand strategy. More specifically, this means that VIG operates with multiple companies and brands in most of its markets. The individual market presence of each company in a country may also be aimed at different target groups, and their product portfolios will differ accordingly.


Each Group company uses its local brand as its first name, followed by Vienna Insurance Group as its family name. This allows well established brands that are already enjoying good customer recognition to be retained and strengthens the regional identity and commitment of local employees. At the same time, adding Vienna Insurance Group to the name proclaims the international stature and many years of experience of the Group.

Use of the multi-brand strategy does not, however, mean that the Group fails to exploit potential synergies in a country where more than one company is operating. Structural efficiency and the cost-effective use of resources are continuously examined. In many countries, employees are already successfully working in back offices that serve more than one company. Areas without direct customer contact, such as accounting, investments, IT, etc., are combined within a country to take advantage of potential savings.

Group companies can, however, be merged when the advantages of a diversified market presence are clearly outweighed by significant potential synergies. This happened in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria in 2012, and a merger is currently being prepared in Croatia.