VIG wants to be closer to its customers than others and therefore places its confidence in local management. The Group believes that the local managers and employees in a country have the best understanding of people's needs and can therefore also act quickly in the interests of the customer. Instead of viewing the CEE region as homogeneous, VIG takes into account the structural differences and stages of development of the different insurance markets. As a result, business models are not simply transferred from one country to another without change. Products and distribution must instead be appropriate for the situation in each individual market.

In addition, the Group has Group-wide values and principles. All Vienna Insurance Group companies feel obligated to uphold the high standards that are uniformly defined at the Group level. Compliance with Group-wide corporate guidelines plays a particularly important role in areas such as risk management, reinsurance and investments. Employees of the insurance companies are also in continuous contact with employees in the Group’s holding company, who coordinate and manage key developments and activities within the Group. In addition, best practices and new solutions are regularly discussed in detail in management and employee meetings.

In summary, one can say that VIG follows the motto, "think globally - act locally" by addressing its customers individually, while using a common language when it comes to values.