Fully exploiting the business potential of a market is only possible using a diversified distribution strategy with a large number of channels providing access to customers. Vienna Insurance Group uses multi-channel distribution in combination with the multi-brand strategy mentioned above to ensure optimal access to customers. In addition to the Company's own field staff, these channels include, for example, brokers and agents, multi-level marketing, direct sales and banks. Combining a variety of distribution channels also takes account of individual policyholder preferences for receiving advice. One customer might prefer, for example, personal discussions with an adviser, while another might prefer talking with a broker, and others might have more confidence purchasing insurance at the bank.

The significance of the individual distribution channels differs from company to company. The importance that a distribution channel has in a market depends both on the statutory framework and the stage of development of the insurance industry. The specific business model used by the company also plays an important role.

Bank distribution has become increasingly important in recent years. VIG has benefited greatly from this due to its close cooperation with the Erste Group. Increased distribution through banks has significantly strengthened VIG’s position in the life insurance business.

Vienna Insurance Group and Erste Group are firmly established in Central and Eastern Europe and are leading financial service providers in the region. In addition to their Austrian roots and similar expansion strategies, the two are also bound together by a strong partnership aimed at sustainable cooperation. This collaboration expanded greatly in 2008, when VIG acquired all of the insurance activities of Erste Group and entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with the bank. This agreement includes a commitment by Erste Group companies to sell the insurance solutions of Vienna Insurance Group, and a commitment by VIG to offer selected Erste Group banking products to its customers.