One rule is paramount for the insurance business: people must form the focus of business activities. Sustainable market success is only possible by offering customer-oriented products and excellent advice and service. VIG follows a multi-channel distribution strategy using dedicated sales employees and many well-established regional distribution channels with the goal of being constantly available to its customers.

From left to right: Snježana Bertoncelj, Florina Vizinteanu, Hana Machačová

“Our success is based on two key factors. First, on our ambitious, dedicated and goal-oriented employees who serve our customers‘ needs. Second, on our distribution cooperation with Erste Group, which allows us to fully exploit our strengths.”
Snježana Bertoncelj,
General Manager of Erste Osiguranje, Croatia

“We work constantly to build relationships based on trust and an understanding of the varied needs of our customers. The daily efforts of our sales employees play an important role – whether during the evening or weekend, or visiting the customer on-site. Closeness to our customers makes an especially big difference.”
Hana Machačová,
Deputy General Manager of Kooperativa, Czech Republic

“I believe that as a service provider we have to take into account our customer’s personal preferences for receiving advice in order to be successful. Using a combination of market distribution channels creates optimal access to customers. At BCR Life, we partner with Erste Bank branches to successfully distribute our products, and we are the market leader in this area.”
Florina Vizinteanu,
Chairwoman of the Managing Board of BCR Life, Romania