Around 50 Group companies under one strong roof requires close coordination between the holding company and Group companies of Vienna Insurance Group. Coordination, cooperation and communication are therefore key factors needed to achieve sustainable success for the Group as a whole.

From left to right: Claudia Stránský, Sabine Stiller, Christine Dornaus, Justyna Śledziewska

“In an international insurance company like Vienna Insurance Group, it is extremely important that everyone pulls together and follows the same goals. We therefore manage Group-wide topics and agendas centrally, whilst at the same time maintaining the local independence of each Group company. We work together as partners and communicate openly and intensively. This creates a good mix of strategic control and freedom. We create unity in diversity.”
Sabine Stiller,
General Secretary of Vienna Insurance Group, Austria

“A culture of cooperation in the Group is the secret of our success. Only these factors can create the feeling of being part of both an Austrian success story and an international one.”
Christine Dornaus,
Member of the Managing Board of Wiener Städtische, Austria

“What makes us successful at VIG RE is a small, flexible team in which each individual feels responsible for the overall result. At the same time, we are supported by the opportunities and financial stability provided by a large group of companies. We definitely see ourselves as part of the whole, but in the area of reinsurance we realise our own ideas and operate independently.”
Claudia Stránský,
Member of the Managing Board of VIG RE, Czech Republic

“Vienna Insurance Group bundles together the full expertise and experience of all Group companies. Best practices are exchanged, while remaining aware of country-specific and cultural factors. Vienna Insurance Group‘s multi-brand policy is the best example I know of the think globally, act locally principle.”
Justyna Śledziewska,
Member of the Managing Board of Benefia Life and Non-life, Poland