With a premium volume of approximately EUR 8.9 billion and around 25,000 employees, we are one of the leading insurance groups in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Innovation, strong customer relationships and an emphasis on customer service create a high quality product portfolio offering attractive solutions in both the life and non-life insurance segments.

VIG’s clearly focused strategy for expansion in the CEE region enabled it to make a transition from being an Austrian insurance company to an international group at an early stage. Today, VIG is represented by approximately 50 insurance companies in 25 countries. VIG stands for financial stability, and offers a high level of security to customers, shareholders, partners and employees. One of the key reasons is its conservative investment policy. This is reflected in its A+ rating with a stable outlook, which makes Vienna Insurance Group the best-rated company in the ATX leading index of the Vienna Stock Exchange. VIG has also been listed on the Prague Stock Exchange since 2008.

In addition to economic considerations, the Group also places great importance on an involvement with social concerns and helping to create a future society worth living. In this way, Vienna Insurance Group remains true to its fundamental goal of value-oriented growth.

Core market: Austria

Vienna Insurance Group is the largest insurer in Austria, where it holds an excellent position with its group companies Wiener Städtische, Donau Versicherung and s Versicherung. The strength shown in this core market since 1824 is one of the reasons for the successful realisation of VIG’s internationalisation strategy.

Major player in the CEE region

Vienna Insurance Group started its expansion in 1990, making it one of the first Western European insurance companies to expand into Central and Eastern Europe. Today the Group is one of the most important players in this region and earns more than 50% of its total Group premiums in the CEE region. It has group companies and branches in the following countries in this region: Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and the Ukraine. VIG has also been represented in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 2011. Due to many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the markets in this region, and to its expertise in all insurance matters, VIG is optimally positioned to continue benefiting from future increases in the standard of living in the CEE region and from the accompanying increased need for insurance.

Vienna Insurance Group is also represented in Germany, Liechtenstein and Italy.

A common goal: to offer security to customers

Every customer is unique. They differ in their need for insurance and retirement provisions, living circumstances and the way they like to receive advice. Vienna Insurance Group is aware of this. There is no “standard” insurance customer for VIG, it therefore pays close attention to special local characteristics, and maintains a presence with more than one brand name and broad distribution networks in many of its markets. There is one thing, however, that all Vienna Insurance Group companies have in common: the goal of providing security to customers.

VIG companies have offered a complete range of insurance solutions in Austria for many decades in both the non-life and life segments. Although the markets in Central and Eastern Europe are currently still at a different economic level, they are increasingly moving in a similar direction. While demand in this region in the period following 1989 was initially strongest for motor vehicle insurance, and then household and homeowner insurance as well, today retirement provisions, savings and investment products in the form of life insurance policies are enjoying rising popularity.

With the establishment of VIG RE, the Group has also had its own reinsurance company since 2008. The location of the company’s registered office in the Czech Republic underscores the importance of the CEE region as a growth market for VIG.

Strategic partnership with Erste Group

Erste Group is a strong partner for Vienna Insurance Group. It also operates independently, has the same values and follows a similar growth strategy. The two companies benefit equally from a long-term cooperation agreement concluded in 2008 for Austria and the CEE region. Erste Group distributes VIG insurance products, whereas VIG companies offer Erste Group banking products in return.

Capable employees bring success

Employees play a particularly important role in the success of a service company. Here too, in addition to dedication, professional advice, and excellent service, Vienna Insurance Group places great importance on understanding local markets and close customer relationships.

Further information on Vienna Insurance Group is available at www.vig.com or in the VIG Group Annual Report.

Our mission statement

  • WE are at home in CEE.
  • WE are a leading insurer in CEE.
  • WE are family.
  • WE care about people especially.
  • WE are aware of our social responsibility.
  • WE create value sustainably.
  • WE want to be the leader.


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