What attracts you about your work?

Peter Hagen, General Manager, Chairman of the Managing Board (photo)

“We live in exciting times and our pioneering spirit, enthusiasm and clear strategy can help us take part in shaping the future of our markets. This is a huge opportunity for all of the 23,000 employees at VIG, and we want to take advantage of it each and every day.”

Peter Hagen

General Manager, Chairman of the Managing Board

Areas of responsibility:
Group management, strategic planning, public relations, marketing, sponsoring, legal matters, people management, performance management motor vehicle insurance, asset risk management, IT, international processes and methods, SAP smile solutions
Country responsibilities:
Austria (incl. coordination of s Versicherungsgruppe), Czech Republic, Ukraine

Martin Simhandl, Member of the Managing Board, CFO (photo)

“I am not just interested in the numbers, but also the background information on the market developments that affect our business performance. I therefore feel it is important to promote a shared understanding within VIG of the current challenges facing us, so that we can work together to find appropriate solutions for the future.”

Martin Simhandl

Member of the Managing Board, CFO

Areas of responsibility:
Asset management, subsidiaries department, finance and accounting, Group cost structure, internal capital model project (project Solvency II), treasury/capital market
Country responsibilities:
Georgia, Germany, Liechtenstein, Turkey

Franz Fuchs, Member of the Managing Board (photo)

“What fascinates me the most are the differences across our 24 markets. This is precisely what motivates me to help in the further development of these markets in my day-to-day work, for which I consider cross-border cooperation and mutual sharing of knowledge between the individual Group companies to be of particular importance.”

Franz Fuchs

Member of the Managing Board

Areas of responsibility:
Performance management personal insurance, strategic initiative health insurance
Country responsibilities:
Baltic States, Poland, Romania

Peter Höfinger, Member of the Managing Board (photo)

“As an insurer, we deal with the basic needs of our customers. For this reason, we always place our focus on people. It is also personally important to me that corporate and large customer business be conducted along the same lines, since this is the only way we can build successful and sustainable business relationships.”

Peter Höfinger

Member of the Managing Board

Areas of responsibility:
International corporate and large customer business, Vienna International Underwriters (VIU), reinsurance, strategic initiative SME business, strategic initiative private customers’ property insurance
Country responsibilities:
Albania (incl. Kosovo), Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia

Entire Managing Board

Areas of responsibility for the Managing Board as a whole:
General secretariat, controlling, enterprise risk management (Solvency II), actuarial department, internal audit, investor relations