The main task of the investor relations team is to keep the market continuously and transparently informed about current Vienna Insurance Group development. IR activities in 2012 were therefore focused on communicating with existing and potential investors and analysts.

Eight roadshows were organised in the financial year under review, and participation was coordinated in eight conferences organised by a variety of investment banks, some in cooperation with the Vienna Stock Exchange. Sites of extensive roadshow activities included London, Frankfurt, Paris, Warsaw, Zurich, New York, Boston and Toronto. In 173 meetings, around 300 investors had the opportunity to meet personally with VIG management and discuss current aspects of the strategy and business development of the Company.

Teleconferences were once again a fixed part of the IR programme in 2012. They took place in the afternoon following the publication of Company results and were broadcast live on the Internet. The VIG investor relations website,, provides institutional investors and interested private investors access to current Vienna Insurance Group results at any time, plus a link to the broadcast. In addition, a transcript of the questions and answers during the teleconference is prepared shortly after the conference.

In addition to the General Meeting, small investors also had an opportunity to personally obtain information on Vienna Insurance Group during the BörseExpress retail roadshow. All important documents, such as presentations, annual and interim reports, current press releases and the VIG fact sheet are available online or via the VIG iPad app.