Ing. Martin Diviš, MBA (photo)

Member of the Managing Board

Year of birth: 1973
Date first appointed: 2009
End of current term of office: 30 June 2013

Ing. Martin Diviš has been a Member of the Managing Board since 13 June 2009. In 1995 he joined the Kooperativa pojišťovna, where he was responsible for Marketing Communications for the Czech insurer. In 2005 Ing. Martin Diviš was appointed to the management and a year later to the Managing Board of Kooperativa. Since May 2008 he has been the company’s Chairman of the Managing Board and General Manager.


Areas of responsibility: performance management motor vehicle insurance

Country responsibilities: Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine

Ing. Diviš is not a member of any Supervisory Boards of other domestic and foreign corporations outside the Group.