Caritas’ Eastern Europe campaign

Caritas traditionally draws attention to the tragic circumstances of some Eastern Europeans during the cold season. The number of children who live on the street and have to fight the cold in winter has hardly changed compared to 1990. This is true even though falling birth rates mean there are now 11 million fewer children in all, that is, the percentage of children in need has risen.

The Vienna Insurance Group has sponsored both national and international Caritas projects for many years. For example, in February of 2009, the Vienna Insurance Group supported Caritas’ Eastern European campaign together with Erste Group. The goal of the campaign is to collect donations for people in the poorest countries of Europe. These donations are divided among about 250 projects.

It is of especial importance to the Vienna Insurance Group, as the largest insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe, to provide support for social initiatives that help to improve living conditions, particularly for children and young people.

“Day for a better life” in Czech company Kooperativa

The idea of introducing a voluntary day of social action each year arose in March 2008 during an employee event for the Czech Group company Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s. Vienna Insurance Group. Every employee has the opportunity to dedicate a paid working day to a social cause.

Kooperativa works together with the association “Forum dárců”, which helps the company organise the campaign. Employees had their first chance to use a “day for a better life” in 2009, and the campaign was a complete success. More than 450 Kooperativa employees have already taken part in this voluntary day of social action, and the company plans to continue the campaign in 2010.

The “day for a better life” campaign shows that employees are glad to make use of an opportunity like this. There are plans, therefore, to provide socially minded employees in the administrative area recognition similar to the model used by Kooperativa. A concept for implementing this idea is currently being developed, and the Vienna Insurance Group looks forward to providing support and assistance to all employees who are conscious of their social responsibility.

Bátor Tábor – camp for sick children in Central Europe

The “Bátor Tábor” foundation, which organises free camp visits for chronically ill children in Hungary, was founded by a group of Hungarian health care specialists in 2002. Bátor Tábor is a member of the “Association of Hole in the Wall Camps”, an organisation created by Paul Newman to give sick children the opportunity to participate in therapeutic recovery programmes.

Bátor Tábor organises an international camp each summer for sick children from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The camp offers an ideal environment where play can be used to strengthen the abilities of the children. More than 1,900 children have already taken part in the summer camps organised by Bátor Tábor. UNION Vienna Insurance Group Biztosító Zrt. has been a supporter of the Bátor Tábor programme since June 2007.

UNION Biztosító receives “Best Sponsor” award

UNION Vienna Insurance Group Biztosító Zrt. received the “Best Sponsor” award in the financial services category from the Hungarian Charitable Forum in 2009 for its social awareness, ongoing value-added social commitment, and sponsoring activities in 2008.

Helping children with health and social disadvantages is one of UNION Biztosító’s highest priorities. Its sponsoring activities extend from financial support and charitable donations to voluntary service by employees.

Polish Group company Compensa named “Solid Employer”

The Group’s Polish company Compensa TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group was awarded the title “Solid Employer 2008” in a national competition held by Grupa Media Partner in the summer of 2009. The award is granted by publishers and independent experts to companies that display the highest standards with respect to social working conditions, part-time employment models and career opportunities, and that have an excellent reputation with other business organisations and decision-makers.


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