The focus is on people

For more than 185 years, the Vienna Insurance Group has put the focus on people. Each new employee, each new company in the Vienna Insurance Group, is welcomed into the family, with everything that goes along with that: fairness, mutual respect and an environment where everyone can develop his or her own unique potential.

What is special about the Vienna Insurance Group as an employer?

An international group of companies offering many opportunities
Employees of the Vienna Insurance Group do not have long to wait. Right from the start, everyone has the opportunity to advance in the current international environment and put all of their abilities to work on a variety of duties in 23 countries in the CEE region.


Room to develop your potential
To be a mover, you must first move yourself. The Vienna Insurance Group therefore gives its employees freedom, so that they can put their all into everything they do. The steady growth of the Group creates many new opportunities where employee potential can be used and talent developed.


At the Vienna Insurance Group, everyone learns from the best
Employee development is actively encouraged. National and international seminars and workshops provide continuing education, and employees of the Vienna Insurance Group are regularly inspired by the opportunity to hear major success stories. Nothing is as inspiring as the example set by the best!


We make sure that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys their work
“Work before pleasure” is not a motto for the Vienna Insurance Group. The Vienna Insurance Group human resources department feels that work must be enjoyable in order to be successful.


Support for a work-life balance and flexible working arrangements
Flexible working arrangements give employees the time they need for family life outside of the V.I.G. family. In addition, we also offer a performance-based employee bonus, company fringe benefits, attractive insurance terms and many other benefits that Vienna Insurance Group employees enjoy every day.


This all makes the Vienna Insurance Group much more than an attractive employer. It makes us a family.