As one of the largest international insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe, the Vienna Insurance Group feels that it shares responsibility for creating a future worth living. The Group therefore considers it an obligation to provide support for cultural and social concerns in Austria and the CEE region, and makes an important contribution to mutual understanding owing to the Group’s international collaboration across borders and between cultures.

In order to provide innovative products that are specially tailored to customer needs, the Vienna Insurance Group uses information on current social developments and demographic trends when creating insurance solutions.

The Group also tries to make socially compatible and resource-preserving innovations in processes and services, taking into account the concerns of all stakeholders and satisfying their need for information. Establishing an open and collaborative dialogue with stakeholders has proven to be an effective way to secure confidence in the Company, especially in economically difficult times.

The Vienna Insurance Group has a corporate culture of value creation, openness, and respect for others around us that is anchored in the values of the Group. Diversity and different talents and abilities are viewed as an advantage. The Vienna Insurance Group makes use of the potential inherent in its diversity.

Values – the roots that bind
Ethical values have been the basis for profitable management of the Company since its beginnings, and are now deeply rooted in the Vienna Insurance Group. These values are firmly anchored in the vision of its People Strategy: The corporate behaviour of the Vienna Insurance Group towards its employees, customers and shareholders is guided by honesty and sustainability, leadership in matters large and small, customer satisfaction, diversity and equal opportunity.



Honesty and Integrity – we respect …
Honesty and sustainability are our top priority. Each of us is personally responsible for maintaining the highest standards of behaviour, based on honesty and sustainability in every aspect of our work.


Leadership as a company and as individuals – we provide …
Actions speak louder than words. All of our employees work towards the same goals, as is expected of them. We all lead through our expertise, creativity and teamwork.


Customer satisfaction – we deliver …
We respect our customers, listen to their wishes, and understand their expectations. We strive to provide quality and service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.


People – we value …
We treat each other with respect and are proud of the considerable benefits brought by a diversity of employees and ideas. In order to continue our success, we need to provide our employees with opportunities for training and development, helping them grow to meet new responsibilities.