The ATX, the leading index of the Vienna Stock Exchange, turned in quite a good performance in 2010. With a growth rate of 16.4% compared to the previous year, the Vienna stock market did better than most other West European stock exchanges.

After the market experienced price setbacks at the beginning of the year in tandem with the international trend, a friendlier global environment and significantly improved economic prospects supported the strong price recovery.

The growing concern about the potential insolvency of a number of Southern European countries and its effects on the CEE region caused the ATX to hit its low for the year, 2,216.84 points, on 8 June 2010.

The ATX, supported by a positive reporting season, managed to stabilise over the summer months. Despite the downturn from the Ireland crisis, consistently improving economic data helped the stock exchange achieve a record high not seen for several years, 2,941.63 points, on 29 December 2010.