Shareholder Structure of the VIG

Shareholder structure of the VIG (pie chart)

With the goal of strengthening confidence in the Vienna Insurance Group, Investor Relations (IR) and management in 2010 together visited more cities than ever before in order to enable direct dialogue with investors and analysts.

IR activities included a total of 13 roadshows, actively initiated by VIG, to the most important financial centres of Europe, the United States and Canada; five roadshows organised by the Vienna Stock Exchange with Austrian investment banks to London, Tokyo, Paris, Milan and New York; and participation in eleven international bank conferences. At nearly 300 meetings, the Managing Board and/or Investor Relations were available to answer questions from existing and potential investors. Management also presented the Vienna Insurance Group at a roadshow for retail investors organised by the online magazine Börse Express and made itself available afterwards for discussions with private investors. All presentations used at the roadshows and bank conferences are available at any time at, under Events.

Financial analysts also play a crucial role in communications. They research and scrutinise companies and their results, as well as any factors that have a major influence on the companies’ future development. The analyses and the recommendations based on them, together with target prices, are a not insignificant guideline for many investors. Together with Börse Express, the Vienna Insurance Group honoured Austria’s best analysts with the VIG Analyst Award.

Geographical distribution of free float

Geographical distribution of free float (pie chart)

On the Vienna Insurance Group’s redesigned website, which is now entirely devoted to the Group holding company, content relevant to the capital markets, under Investor Relations, was likewise redone. To give website visitors direct access to relevant documents, news releases, along with any accompanying presentations, are now directly linked to the Financial Calendar, which brings together earnings publication dates with those of the Annual General Meeting and the dividend payment. The “Investor Kit” makes it easy to find relevant documents on the IR pages right away; the Kit contains a clearly summarised list of currently relevant documents. There are also links to the corresponding pages on the Internet where information can be retrieved for periods further back.

The Investor Kit also gives the user another new and interactive service tool: the Vienna International Group’s factsheet. It offers a quick overview of VIG, including compact information on strategy, management and shares as well as the most important financial data. When printed out, the Standard Factsheet covers two pages and can be downloaded in German or English. Graphics can also be generated for a variety of key figures from several years or quarters.

We invite you to try out the Vienna Insurance Group’s Factsheet, at