The long-term potential for growth and convergence in Central and Eastern Europe is revealed by its insurance density.

Insurance density refers to the average annual amount each inhabitant of a country spends on insurance premiums.

Overall market

When the insurance density of CEE countries is compared to that of the EU-15 countries, the convergence potential of the CEE countries becomes clear. In 2009, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe had an average insurance density of USD 282 compared to an average of USD 3,385 in the EU-15 countries.

Non-life insurance

The insurance density ratio of the CEE to the EU-15 states for non-life insurance is USD 170 to USD 1,273.

Life insurance

The insurance density in the life insurance segment is currently USD 112 for Central and Eastern Europe, compared to USD 2,112 for the EU-15 countries. The significant potential for growth and convergence is even more apparent in this segment than in the non-life insurance sector.

Insurance Density 2009