In overall terms, the ATX leading index of the Vienna Stock Exchange turned in an excellent performance in 2009. Its year-over-year increase of 42.5% clearly exceeded the index changes seen on most international stock exchanges.

In the first two months of 2009, a steady stream of worsening appraisals of future developments in CEE economies was the major influence depressing share prices. Since the majority of the companies listed on the Vienna exchange are active in this region, this led to a strongly negative price performance, causing the leading index to fall to its low for the year, 1,411.95 points, on 9 March 2009.

Positive company performance surprises and more confident risk assessments of the CEE countries subsequently helped bring about a strong recovery, moving the index to a high for the year of 2,752.39 points in October 2009. Uncertainty about the possible insolvency of some governments later led to a correction, bringing the leading index to a level of 2,495.56 points at year’s end.


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