In 2007, the life insurance area contributed 42.5% of total Group premiums, the property/casualty area 53.1% and health insurance 4.4%.

Property/casualty insurance
The Group companies of the Vienna Insurance Group generated EUR 3,671.17 million in premiums in the property/casualty area in 2007 (2006: EUR 3,067.15 million), an increase of 19.7%.

The main contributions to this rise in premiums came from Vienna Insurance Group companies in Slovakia (+20.4%), Poland (+50.4%) and Other CEE markets segment (+119.9%).The percentage of premiums generated in CEE has already reached 57.7% in the property/casualty area, as compared to only 51.9% in 2006.

Double-digit premium growth in life insurance
The Group companies of the Vienna Insurance Group wrote total premiums of EUR 2,934.17 million in the life insurance area, equal to an increase of 16.6% compared to the previous year. Of this amount, premium revenues of EUR 847.31 million were accounted for by Group companies in the CEE region, representing an outstanding 38.3% increase. This means that the percentage of premiums generated in the CEE region by insurance companies in the life insurance class has grown to nearly 29%.

Already EUR 292.33 million of the premiums written in the life insurance area were coming from the Czech Republic.

Health insurance premiums increase by 2.9%
Even in the health insurance business, only carried on in Austria to a relevant extent by Wiener Städtische AG, a leading health insurer, premiums written by the Vienna Insurance Group increased by 2.9%, to EUR 306.60 million.

Gross premiums written by business segment (table)
Gross premiums written by geographical segment (table)
Percentage of premiums in property/casualty in 2007 (pie chart)
Percentage of premiums in life insurance in 2007 (pie chart)
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