The Vienna Insurance Group is number 1 in the Austrian market.

  • Premium increase of 7.6%.
  • Record profit of EUR 286.80 million.
  • BA-CA Versicherung fully consolidated for the first time.

The Vienna Insurance Group is represented by three companies in Austria, Wiener Städtische AG, the parent company of the Group, Donau and BA-CA Versicherung.

Wiener Städtische AG is an operating insurance company (life, property/casualty, health) as well as the parent company of the Vienna Insurance Group. In addition to its operations in Austria, Wiener Städtische AG also has branch offices in Italy and Slovenia.

Wiener Städtische AG is the largest insurance company in Austria. The company, whose roots go back to the year 1824, has around 2,000 counsellors in approximately 170 offices. Wiener Städtische AG is the leading company in the market, both in the corporate customer segment, which consists primarily of a large number of dynamic small and medium-sized businesses in Austria, as well as in the private customer segment.

In addition to its own sales employees in the field, who form the main channel of distribution, brokers, insurance agents and collaboration with banks also play an important role in Wiener Städtische AG’s distribution strategy. Dialogue with customers is also very important to the management board, for it allows the company to follow current issues and react to the needs of the market. In local advisory board meetings, for example, representatives of major customers and members of the management board regularly discuss regional and international issues.

Donau Versicherung AG is the most important Austrian insurance holding in the Group. The company operates in both the life insurance and property/casualty segments. In 2007, Donau Versicherung AG successfully expanded its position as a knowledgeable and flexible partner for brokers and non-exclusive agents in Italy as well.

Donau Versicherung AG is one of the top 10 insurance companies in Austria, and is represented by approximately 60 service and business offices in all provinces of Austria. Donau Versicherung AG’s flexible, custom- tailored business solutions have made it one of the market leaders in the area of company pension plans.

With the aid of its approximately 1,300 employees and successful cooperation with the savings bank sector in Austria, Donau Versicherung AG has intensively developed its market position in recent years, particularly in life insurance, and offers modern, innovative products to the market.

BA-CA Versicherung AG
BA-CA Versicherung AG is active almost exclusively in the life insurance business, rounding off its product range with products from the casualty insurance business, and uses the branches of the Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG as its primary channel of distribution.

BA-CA Versicherung AG was formed in 2007 from a merger of UNION Versicherungs-AG and BA-CA Versicherung AG. This merger created the fifth largest life insurance company in Austria. BA-CA Versicherung AG’s main distribution partner is Bank Austria Creditanstalt, with just under 400 offices in Austria. The innovative range of products offered by BA-CA Versicherung AG includes successful investments products (e.g., Best Europe Garant, FOKUSLife, etc.).

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