Dr. Christine Dornaus and Dr. Judit Havasi became members of the Company’s Managing Board effective 13 June 2009. Not including the Chairman, women therefore now hold 50% of the positions on the Wiener Städtische Managing Board committee.

In addition, Mag. Helene Kanta is a member of the Extended Board of Wiener Städtische.

As of 1 January 2009, around 1/3 of the managers directly below the Managing Board were women, both in the VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP and Wiener Städtische Austria. Ms. Ida Wander is the manager of the Tyrolean provincial headquarters.

The first stage in the optimisation of Wiener Städtische’s customer support department in 2009 was to restructure three areas directly below the Managing Board. The selection procedure resulted in women being chosen to manage two of these.

Mag. (FH) Sabine Stiller was appointed manager of the V.I.G. general secretariat and Dipl.-Ing. Doris Janik manager of the Wiener Städtische general secretariat effective 1 January 2010.

The Managing Board:

Signature Dr. Günter Geyer (handwriting)

Dr. Günter Geyer

Signature Dr. Peter Hagen, Mag. Robert Lasshofer, Dr. Martin Simhandl (handwriting)

                  Dr. Peter Hagen                               Mag. Robert Lasshofer                              Dr. Martin Simhandl

Signature Ing. Martin Diviš MBA, Dr. Christine Dornaus, Franz Fuchs (handwriting)

               Ing. Martin Diviš, MBA                        Dr. Christine Dornaus                                      Franz Fuchs

Signature Dr. Judit Havasi, Mag. Peter Höfinger, Erich Leiß (handwriting)

              Dr. Judit Havasi                                      Mag. Peter Höfinger                                       Erich Leiß

Vienna, 11 March 2010


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