Maruša Šuštar

The “Overview” series deals with the “view from above”. While the heavenly observer is an age-old concept, it also reflects the situation today in which people are under constant surveillance from “above” for their own “protection”, resulting in a loss of the private sphere and creating the possibility of manipulation.


Livio Rajh

The visitor views the work in the exhibition space – graphic art and interactive projection – and in turn sees visitors to an exhibition, which thereby becomes a meta-exhibition. The viewing angle initially set by the artist is the starting point. The observer can change the focal length, thereby affecting the image shown.



Viola Fátyol

My photographs are based on set situations. I attempt to combine the traditions of conceptual art and land art. Objects, things and pictorial elements are enriched with new meaning and their interplay creates symbolic messages. I work with the phenomenon that observers of scenes depicted in photographs perceive them to be “real”.


Anna Hulacová

Czech Republic
In my work, I study the perception of aesthetics in tradition and custom. In folklore in particular, beauty is often created by means of decoration. I transfer this form of human aesthetics into other realms and dimensions. I also enjoy working in public spaces and document people’s reactions to unfamiliar things.



Lucia Stránaiová

I concentrate on people’s inner lives and attempt to capture the abstract, the non-objective. The series “Grand Parents” documents the relationship between my grandparents in 12 photographs, without sentimentality, pathos or narrative aspects: the emotional layers are revealed through the body and its structures.


Cristina Vladu

I use a box of sweets as a camera because my aim is to go beyond the contemporary practices of photography. At the same time, the 10 to 15-minute exposure period was a good opportunity for me to practice meditation. The long working process made my work in the series “Self-Portraits Through a Candy Box” very personal and intimate.


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