This mission statement is a main theme running through the way the Vienna Insurance Group understands itself, now and in the future.

WE are at home in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

The CEE region offers a high potential for our development. Our leading distribution network in CEE provides financial security, insurance services and solutions close to our clients and their needs. Millions of customers, thousands of employees, and thousands of brokers, agents and shareholders put their trust in the Vienna Insurance Group. The Vienna Insurance Group has solid financial strength to maintain its independence in the future, and to continue sustainable growth in Central and Eastern Europe.

WE are a leading insurer in CEE.

It is our passion to safeguard people’s life, property and financial values. Therefore it is our business to provide leading and innovative insurance services in the life, property, casualty and health sectors today and tomorrow in Central and Eastern Europe.

WE are family.

Each company of the Vienna Insurance Group is a “family member” and has a first and a family name. Our excellently established local brands are our first names; familiar and close to our customers, symbolizing local understanding and the specific identity of each company within the Group. Vienna Insurance Group is our family name; a symbol of more than 180 years of history and development, experience and competence, our financial power and leadership strength. This family strategy is unique and ensures excellent understanding of our customers’ needs and the provision of the best services in all markets we operate in.

WE care about people especially.

Our business is built on people. We are dedicated to fairness, partnership, mutual respect, transparency and sustainable relations. It is our ambition to create the most attractive business and working environment to ensure our success.

WE are aware of our social responsibility.

Building and protection of wealth as well as increasing standard of living are core issues of our insurance business. The Vienna Insurance Group has a long-standing tradition of active social engagement. Therefore we initiate, and engage in, social programs and projects dedicated to those less fortunate in life and to those who will be our future – our children.

WE create value sustainably.

We use our pole position in Central and Eastern Europe to create sustainable value for our future success, based on four pillars of strength:

We are at home in Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore we have experienced local management in our markets being able to best identify and service the needs of our potential customers. We offer the excellent Vienna Insurance Group quality across borders by accompanying our customers into all our markets.

Our success is built by and on people. We focus on people and on their need for financial security in various areas and situations in life. By creating sustainable value for the Vienna Insurance Group we create value and security for our customers, employees, brokers, agents and shareholders.

Financial Strength
We are distinctly orientated towards sustainable and profitable growth, to further increase our financial strength.

Best Solutions
We keep getting closer to the customer than others. Doing so we count on intensified Best Practice programs in various sectors of our business. These Best Practice programs ensure the highest level of client-oriented and innovative services coupled with cost efficiency.

WE want to be the leader.

The Vienna Insurance Group aims to be the leader in all markets in Central and Eastern Europe and in its services and solutions. The ambition to be the leader motivates our employees to competitively contribute to our success in all markets – for the benefit of our clients, partners, shareholders and society; and towards a prosperous, safe and sound future in Central and Eastern Europe.i