The Vienna Insurance Group’s employees are the key to success.

People form the core of the Vienna Insurance Group. Each employee in the Group contributes to the success of the company. Capable and committed employees are critical to the Vienna Insurance Group’s success in achieving its goals. Forward-looking human resources development is therefore essential for successful implementation of the Group’s growth strategy.

People Strategy 2007–2010

Using the Vienna Insurance Group strategy as a foundation, a strategy entitled People Strategy 2007–2010 was developed for the human resources area, addressing the three core strategic areas of human resources development, recruiting, development and loyalty of employees at all levels:

  • Recruiting: We are an attractive employer in the CEE region that stands out for the efficiency and effectiveness of its recruiting methods.
  • Development: We promote basic and advanced training of our employees. Personal and professional development programmes of the highest quality are offered to help realise the potential of our employees.
  • Loyalty: We encourage motivation and workplace satisfaction, and introduce a competitive compensation system. We are also responsible for ensuring equal opportunity, fairness and diversity.


Since it was founded more than 180 years ago, the Company has been profitably managed on the basis of ethical values, which are therefore now deeply entrenched in the corporate culture of the Vienna Insurance Group.

These values are firmly anchored in the vision of the People Strategy 2007–2010:

Our corporate behaviour toward employees, customers and shareholders is guided by honesty and sustainability, leadership on matters large and small, customer satisfaction, diversity and equal opportunity.


Honesty and Sustainability – we respect ...
Honesty and sustainability are our top priority! Each of us is personally responsible for maintaining the highest standards of behaviour, based on honesty and sustainability in every aspect of our work.

Leadership as a company and as individuals – we provide ...
Actions speak louder than words. All of our employees work toward the same goals, as is expected of them. We all lead through our expertise, creativity and teamwork.

Customer satisfaction – we deliver ...
We respect our customers, listen to their wishes, and understand their expectations. We aim to provide quality and service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

People and equal opportunity – we value ...
We treat each other with respect and are proud of the many benefits that a diversity of employees and ideas brings. In order to continue our success, we need to provide our employees with opportunities for training and development. This helps them grow to meet new responsibilities.

Innovations 2007

The Vienna Insurance Group introduced a large number of standards and programmes for human resources development in 2007. All of the human resources managers in the Vienna Insurance Group worked together in the VIG HR Community network in 2007 to define strategic priorities and guidelines for the Group. In addition to developing common human resources standards for the Group, an active exchange of knowledge and experience was offered. The new standards defined for the human resources area of the Vienna Insurance Group were adjusted to the structures currently in place and introduced by the Group companies. Newly acquired companies were also familiarised with the human resources standards applicable to the Group.