Multi-brand policy maintained

Vienna Insurance Group operates with multiple companies and brands in most of its markets. Its multi-brand policy is one of the cornerstones of the Group's success. The market presence of each company in a country may be aimed at different target groups, and their product portfolios will differ accordingly.

When implementing its multi-brand policy, VIG links the regional identity of the company with the international stature and many years of experience of the Group. Each Group company uses its local brand as its first name, followed by Vienna Insurance Group as its family name. Local established brands with good customer recognition are retained in this way, while strengthening the loyalty of employees, distributors and customers.

Increase earning power

In countries with more than one company, Vienna Insurance Group ensures that resources are used economically and continuously monitors the efficiency of organisational structures. In many countries, employees are already successfully working in back offices that serve more than one company. VIG merges companies when clear potential synergies outweigh the benefits of a diversified market presence. VIG began preparing for mergers in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria in 2011 based on this fundamental principle.

Vienna Insurance Group intends to further increase profitability. Appropriate measures, particularly in the administrative area, are aimed at significantly reducing costs.