VIG shares are listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange and Prague Stock Exchange, and are included in both the ATX and PX leading indices of these two stock exchanges. VIG has been included in the Prime Market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange since June 2005 and fulfils the higher transparency requirements of this segment.

It should also be noted that VIG shares are also included in the Top Dividend indices recently relaunched by the Vienna Stock Exchange in September 2011. The ATX Top Dividend Index includes the ten ATX shares with the highest dividend yields. VIG currently has a weighting of approximately 15% and holds fourth place in this index.

VIG shares have also been included in the VBV-Österreichischer Nachhaltigkeitsindex (Austrian sustainability index) since the middle of 2005 and currently have a weighting of close to 10%. VIG qualified for the FTSE4Good Index, a global sustainability index, in the middle of 2007.

A significant increase in VIG trading volume on the Prague Stock Exchange raised VIG’s weighting in the PX Index from a previous value of only around 2% to a current level of approximately 13%. This moves VIG up to fifth place among the 14 companies included in the PX Index.