Customer advisory service – fairness and transparency from policy sale
through claims settlement.

The Vienna Insurance Group is very much aware of the social responsibility that it bears as one of the largest international insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe.

As a result, it provides a large number of fringe benefits and extensive opportunities for advanced training to create an attractive working environment for its employees. The Vienna Insurance Group’s international cooperation across borders and cultural groups provides a valuable contribution to mutual understanding and tolerance, and its readiness for dialogue and open communication increases confidence in the Company.

The Vienna Insurance Group also considers culture and the arts to be an important factor in a company’s quality of life, and therefore promotes selected cultural initiatives and artists. The valuable work of relief organisations also receives strong support from the Group through numerous cooperative arrangements and active social sponsoring.

Although an insurance group has a relatively small effect on the environment compared to an industrial company, the Group also makes a contribution in this area. Respect for the environment is promoted within the Vienna Insurance Group, and observed in all areas of operations. From environmentally conscious purchasing all the way to disposal, the Vienna Insurance Group strives to conserve the world’s resources. We also offer many products that should promote environmental awareness.

Responsibility to stakeholders

Comprehensive customer orientation

The Vienna Insurance Group follows social and economic developments very carefully and offers products that provide quick and innovative solutions. It maintains a continual dialogue with its customers in order to keep abreast of current issues and react quickly to the needs of the market. The Company believes in offering first-class products that meet customer needs at fair prices and transparent terms, just as much as in providing friendly customer service, detailed and understandable information, and advice tailored to individual needs.

Continuous improvement processes

If, in spite of our top quality service, criticisms or suggestions are received, our corporate complaints department makes it possible to provide a quick, customer-oriented response. The complaints department ensures that complaints are investigated quickly by the departments concerned and are brought to a conclusion that is appropriate to the circumstances and satisfies all parties involved. Suggestions are welcomed and forwarded to the appropriate departments. The Vienna Insurance Group takes customer complaints seriously and sees its complaint management system as an important tool for quality assurance.

Long-term partnerships

Partners that treat each other fairly are an essential requirement for long-term business success. The Vienna Insurance Group fulfils its obligations to business partners quickly, conscientiously and reliably at all times, and places great value on reliability and competence when choosing its business partners. In most cases, this results in long-term business relationships that also generate benefits for Vienna Insurance Group employees and customers.

Equal opportunity for all

The Vienna Insurance Group is an equal-opportunity employer. Positions are filled exclusively on the basis of a candidate’s qualifications, without regard to sex, family background or religious affiliation. In fact, the resulting diversity of our employees and the range of their talents reflect the many differing requirements of our policyholders in Austria and the CEE region. The employees in our corporate controlling department, for example, speak 13 languages used in Central and Eastern Europe. Sexual equality is also not just a catchword, but a serious commitment in the everyday life of the Vienna Insurance Group.