The marketing cooperation between OMV and Vienna Insurance Group encompasses ten european countries.

Cooperation with the Erste Bank Group

The cooperation between the Vienna Insurance Group and the Erste Bank Group is very successful in Austria as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. For years the subsidiaries of the Vienna Insurance Group have been cooperating with the banks belonging to the Erste Bank Group for example in Austria, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, and Hungary. In 2007 this excellent collaboration was able to be continued. Insurance from the non-life segment is sold through the branch offices of the Erste Bank Group. In return, the companies of the Vienna Insurance Group offer selected products of Erste Bank Group through its own distribution network.

Vienna Insurance Group and OMV are taking advantage of joint strengths in the CEE region

Marketing cooperation between the Vienna Insurance Group and Central Europe’s leading oil and natural gas company, OMV, began in the summer of 2007, encompassing ten countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary and Germany. Depending on the country, cooperation includes, inter alia, the sale of motor vehicle insurance directly at OMV service station, the setting up of special Service Corners, participation of the Vienna Insurance Group in various customer loyalty programs of OMV, and joint participation at various automotive trade fairs.

Cooperation in Austria
Since December 2007, the Vienna Insurance Group and OMV cooperate in advertising and marketing. Things got going with a sign campaign at the more than 400 OMV service stations throughout Austria, with the Wiener Städtische slogan “Worries don’t make good passengers” and the OMV slogan “Safely under way with OMV.” In addition, 10,000 new motor vehicle customers of Wiener Städtische received, along with their policy, an OMV voucher for a car wash and a drink, redeemable at any service station in Austria.

Cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe
The Vienna Insurance Group and OMV are taking advantage of their joint strengths in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe by close cooperation there. Both companies offer their customers combined products and service packages. At selected service stations incentive programs are conducted and insurance information is offered.

The launch involved an international summer promotion for automobile drivers, during which 400,000 free “holiday packages” were given out to travellers at selected border crossings in Central and Eastern Europe. These contained a road map indicating all OMV service stations and Vienna Insurance Group branches in Central and Eastern Europe, a voucher for a Vienna Insurance Group travel guide, with useful travel and service information – redeemable at OMV service stations – as well as small refreshments.

In addition to this summer promotion, locally customized cooperative programs were launched in individual countries, such as providing information about insurance products at selected OMV service stations, loyalty programs and games as well as direct mailings and promotions.

Long-term cooperation
After the successful start, this cooperation will be continued in 2008 with joint voucher initiatives, direct marketing campaigns and special servicing provided to OMV customers by the Vienna Insurance Group.


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