Numerous new and innovative products have contributed to the success of the Vienna Insurance Group.

Also in 2007, in the area of Group marketing for Austria and Central and Eastern Europe, the Vienna Insurance Group implemented many new and innovative approaches to internal communications, know-how transfer within the Group and international collaboration. A goal of these innovations is to develop new products to address customer needs.

A rapid, innovative electronic platform ensures optimal cooperation and exchange of information in the area of product development, marketing and communication within the Vienna Insurance Group. The page provides current data for authorized employees and eases the process of establishing contact and comparing notes for employees from all countries in which the Vienna Insurance Group operates. The group’s companies have the option of adding best practices examples from their countries to the page.

Particularly in the area of product development, the site has proven itself to be highly successful. It can be used to introduce the best and most interesting products internationally. The site was presented and refined at several international meetings.

International meetings
Apart from the successful cooperation enabled by this communication platform, experience and know-how are exchanged at regularly scheduled international company meetings conducted at the expert level. At these special forums, experts from different countries from the most widely varied technical areas have the opportunity to think out Group-wide solutions and product innovations through presentations followed by discussions.

Ketchup – Best Practice
A successful example of best practices from the Vienna Insurance Group is the TV advertisement “Ketchup.” This ad for motor vehicle insurance was developed for Kooperativa in Slovakia. At the Méribel Central Europe Cristal Awards festival in Warsaw, the Slovakian advertising agency MUW Saatchi & Saatchi received an award for it, the only Slovakian agency to be given one. In addition, in Slovakia the spot was awarded the “Golden Nail” (Zlatý klinec), the most prestigious Slovakian advertising prize. The ad was used not only in the country of origin, Slovakia, but also, in partially revised versions, in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. The spot was highly touted by experts. The commercial was praised most of all for being memorable and product-oriented – an all-around best practices success story.


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