Vienna Insurance Group shares are already being analysed regularly by twelve investment banks.

The Vienna Insurance Group continued to attend a large number of banking conferences in 2007 and took advantage of the opportunity to present the strategy and development of the Group to investors and analysts at a total of twelve events. In addition, the Vienna Insurance Group took part in roadshows to Budapest, London, Edinburgh and New York organised by the Vienna Stock Exchange. Additional roadshows organised by the Vienna Insurance Group also took place. With the assistance of a specialised agency, the management of the Vienna Insurance Group met with investors in Great Britain, the United States of America and Canada. The main focus of the individual meetings with investors was a presentation of the Group and its potential in Central and Eastern Europe.

The increase in the number of investment banks publishing regular reports on the Vienna Insurance Group shares was especially gratifying. Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Raiffeisen Centrobank started analysing the Vienna Insurance Group in 2007. Société Générale also made its first analysis of the Group in early February 2008, bringing the total number of investment banks currently reporting on the Vienna Insurance Group to twelve.

To guarantee equal treatment of all shareholders, the Vienna Insurance Group offers a wide range of information on its company website. Interested parties can also subscribe to an e-mail list to receive investor information as it is made available on the Internet. The efforts to continuously improve the Group´s online information services were also honoured in an Austrian web ranking for 2007, in which the Vienna Insurance Group moved up 16 positions in the ranking to become “climber of the year.”

Shareholder structure of the Vienna Insurance Group (pie chart)
Financial calendar of Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group (table)

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Geographical distribution of free float shares (pie chart)
The following investment banks publish an analysis of Vienna Insurance Group shares (table)


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