The Vienna Insurance Group in Germany and Liechtenstein are still on a path of growth.

  • 4.3% increase in premium volume.
  • Profit before taxes reached EUR 12.80 million in 2007.
  • Financial result higher by nearly 5%.

The Other markets segment includes the Vienna Insurance Group’s companies in Germany and Liechtenstein.

The Vienna Insurance Group is represented by two companies in the German insurance market, InterRisk Insurance AG VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP and InterRisk Life Insurance AG VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP. Both companies are on a path of growth, with excellent products and service standards. They also set themselves apart in the insurance market through product differentiation and comprehensive customer service. As a pure broker insurer, InterRisk relies on almost 10,000 independent sales partners to provide service to around 400,000 customers. Its broad range of products encompasses insurance products for private and commercial customers. InterRisk Non-Life specializes primarily in casualty insurance and selected property insurance products. The offer to meet all of a customer’s needs in one contract in exchange for allowance of a discount has met with a very positive response. InterRisk Non-Life, which has received the highest marks in the area of private casualty insurance from independent experts for years, introduced a markedly improved system of progressive benefits in the early part of 2007. InterRisk Life focuses on term life and occupational disability insurance. InterRisk Life can ensure against death through term life, whole life, or death benefit insurance.

The Vienna Insurance Group is represented in Liechtenstein by Vienna-Life AG VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP, which operates exclusively in the life insurance segment and concentrates primarily on sales of unit- linked life insurance. In the forefront here are inno vative products custom-tailored to the individual needs of each customer. The complete reform of German insurance contract law (Insurance Contract Act 2008 – VVG) adopted in November 2007 represented a significant focus of the company's activities towards the end of the year. The necessary rate adjustments, primarily with respect to cost distribution and increased transparency of product preparation and advisory services, were implemented at Vienna Life.

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